John McCain urges action on Great Barrier Reef and Paris climate deal

John McCain urges action on Great Barrier Reef and Paris climate deal

John McCain urges action on Great Barrier Reef and Paris climate deal

The death of the Great Barrier Reef is one of the “great tragedies of our lives,” said US Sen. John McCain, arguing that the United States should confirm its commitment to the Paris climate deal or join with modifications Children.

Speaking in Sydney on Tuesday night, the veteran and former presidential candidate of the ruling Republican Party said that climate change is real and undoubtedly it was up to world leaders to act now to halt and reverse global warming.

“I think climate change is real. I think one of the great tragedies of our life is the Great Barrier Reef will die [and] the environmental consequences of this,” he said.

The position of the second carbon emitter in the world in the Paris agreement on climate change is uncertain and subject to worldwide speculation. The US commitment to reduce emissions or otherwise could have significant ramifications for other countries that support their promised cuts.

Donald Trump said he will announce this week whether the United States will honor the Paris carbon reduction commitments it agreed to in 2015 under its predecessor, Barack Obama.
McCain said he wanted to see the United States remain in the Paris agreement. “I would like to see … or accept the agreements that have been made by the Obama administration or suggest changes that would make us very tiresome and acceptable for us to join us.
“If we do not address this question, I am very afraid of what the world will look like for our children and grandchildren.”

Climate change has caused unprecedented mass whitening events in 2016 and 2017 on the Great Barrier Reef, killing nearly half of its coral.

The federal government’s and Queensland government’s two-year plan to protect the reef by 2050 would already be redundant because the impacts of climate change are much more severe than expected.

Recent studies have found that whitening is much smaller than expected, with more than 70% of the coral in shallow waters north of Port Douglas died last year.

McCain was in Australia as a guest of the US Center for Studies at the University of Sydney. In a far-reaching speech, he acknowledged that the Trump administration sank into the scandal, but urged US allies to stay in the US while sailing in difficult times.

He said that the reputation of the United States had suffered during the first months of Trump’s presidency as scandals over relations with Russia, nepotism, FBI investigations and founding relations with other world leaders shaken the administration with the paralyzing consistency .
“We are going through a difficult time,” McCain said. “We are really, and to tell you that we are not politicians, it is not fair, but we have been through other difficult times.” I remember the Watergate scandal and the way a president fired. President, but we are in a scandal, and every drop another drop of shoes of this centipie, and we must succeed.

McCain said US observers should look beyond the president.

“Our foreign friends have always tended to focus on the person in the White House, but the United States is much larger than that, America is our courts of law.

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Sonal Dabral joins Ogilvy India as group chief creative officer and vice-chairman

Sonal Dabral joins Ogilvy India as group chief creative officer and vice-chairman

Sonal Dabral joins Ogilvy India as group chief creative officer and vice-chairman

New Delhi Ogilvy India named creative chef and vice president of the Sonal Dabral group Monday, a new designation by the advertising agency WPP Plc.

He will report to Piyush Pandey, CEO and Creative Director of Ogilvy Asia South.

Dabral recently retired as president and creative director of DDB Mudra Group, part of global advertising conglomerate Omnicom Group Inc. will move the group after September.

“Sonal has spent more time in Ogilvy than the rest of the neighborhood as well. It’s a return to her for him,” Pandey said.

“He knows Ogilvy back and was my partner in the 90’s. We’ve been friends and never lost touch. I have an immense respect for his work ethic, creativity and leadership.

He is a man of great personal abilities and knows how to handle creative well, giving them space and will be their guide. Ogilvy is full of creative and talented minds that we find a Captain Sonal to guide them. ”

Read also: Sonal Dabral DDB Mudra Group resigns after 5 years at the helm

Dabral Ogilvy worked in India from 1991 to 1999, after which he joined creative chef Ogilvy Malaysia and became president and executive creative director of Ogilvy Singapore.

He returned to India as president and regional creative director of Bates Asia and the Pacific, an advertising and marketing agency owned by WPP. He then took over from DDB Mudra as president and creative director.

Dabral worked with multiple brands in all categories including Volkswagen, Audi, Hindustan Unilever Dove beauty brand property, Fevicol, Tata AIG, Prudential, Nestlé’s Maggi Noodle brand, DBS Bank, Colgate, Quick Service restaurant chain Pizza Hut, and Coca Cola.

Part of the WPP family, Ogilvy offers advertising and marketing services through the media, including the main line (television and print), outdoor and digital.

The agency manages advanced customers in the country, including the diversified ITC Ltd. group, Google search engine, Pidilite Industries Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd and Tata Sky.

Tatkal Booking, Cancellation Rules: Railways Issues Clarification

Tatkal Booking, Cancellation Rules: Railways Issues Clarification

Tatkal Booking, Cancellation Rules: Railways Issues Clarification

There is no change in tax refund rules tatkal, according to Railways
Indian Railways has issued the information saying that there had been no change in the booking rules of tickets and other tatkal from July 1.

“We realized that the new is exceptional in various social networking platforms, WhatsApp groups and some websites mentioning that the Indian Railways introduced several changes and new facilities from July 1, 2017.

This news is totally incorrect and unfounded, “Ferrocarriles said in a statement. This created a great deal of confusion in the minds of railway users. ”

The booking time of tatkal tickets was changed in 2015 with the book being open at 10:00 AM and current AC without air conditioning at 11:00 a.m. (one day before the date of travel, excluding the date of travel). There is no change in these times and follows the same arrangement.

Again, there is no change in the rules for the refund of tatkal tickets. Under the existing rule, will not be granted on cancellation of confirmed tickets tatkal / duplicate tickets tatkal. This rule still works.

As such, no new changes were introduced since 1 July 2017. The only novelty is that railways, like other departments, reveal the GST (goods and services) of hay NOC Change in no refund rules TICKETS, tatkal, according to Railroads
Railways of India has ISSUED THE INFORMATION Saying that there was no Change there The Rules of Reservation and Other TICKETS tatkal of July 1st.

“Our We Realize That New is Outstanding on the Diverse Social Networking Platforms, Some Some Groups This WhatsApp Websites That Mentions That Indian Railways Introduced Various Changes and New Installations from July 1, 2017 .

This news is incorrect Totally And without foundation “I SAID Railroads in a Press Release”. THIS I BELIEVE A great confusion in the mint the Users of the railroad “.

The time of Booking Tickets tatkal is with the Change 2015 Book By Being open to 10:00 AC current and sen Air Conditioning At 11.00 am (to Day of the previous Date of the Trip, excluding Travel Date). There is no change in these times of follow and the same disposition.

Again, there is no change in the Rules for refund TICKET CONDITIONS tatkal. Under the existing rule, they are not granted to the sober cancellation of TICKETS confirmed tatkal tatkal / duplicate Entries. Running this rule follows.

As such, No New Changes were introduced since July 1, 2017. The only thing is that new railways, like other departments, reveal the GST (Goods and Services) from July 1, 2017.

Tickets Railways Sell Available Both the Expectations through the e-ticket are ERP (Passenger Reservation System). There is no change in this pattern and the railroad will continue to sell tickets inscribed on hold for an outlets online now and PRS.

The railways ran the Suvidha class trains since July 2015. These trains will continue to operate. The waiting ticket on these trains is also necessary is if it is available. Provide a refund Partial conditions if the train tickets SUVIDES is the Principle of Scheme available from. Therefore, no New Change In This SENSE.

The railroads have notified new rules of reimbursement Conditions The rules of November 2015.Les They continue their course and there is no Change.

There is no Proposal for TENNESSES to discontinue Paper trains for Rajdhani Shatabdi exist, of Fact, The Process of All Class. However, For Passengers who reserve tickets per line (ie, electronic TICKETS) Entries received have their passage SMS authorization f Valid for Travel Accompanied by an eligible identification.

There is no such proposal to mandate Aadhaar for TICKETS train concessions.

There is no Proposal to run duplicate trains. “In any case, if they organize special trains The paragraph ELIMINATE the precipitation of During the High Season In the identified popular routes of conformity and With the Traffic the Operative Viability of the requirements” added railroads.

Railways Pusó in walked the “Vikalp” Alternative or Train Accommodation System (ATAS) 1st November, 2015 to offer a CONFIRM Accommodation Registered Passengers Waiting To guarantee an optimum and USE of the available housing.

This FUE was initially launched at the New Delhi-Jammu, Delhi-Lucknow, Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi circuits in Secunderabad. This Scheme was extended to all Sectors of March 22, July 1, 2017.ompter

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Flipkart had recently received 400 tickets for the hackathon bottleneck to solve the problem of the congested streets of the city. On Saturday, the magnitude of electronic commerce has called the 11 most important teams, from different backgrounds – schools, colleges and technicians – to present their ideas to a panel of judges, including the Binny Bansal Chief Executive and Commissioner Abhishek Goyal Police.

Of these, only three were selected by the panel. The intelligent trolley affine solution Anonymous won the first place and by2rides a car sharing application that has placed the driver instead of the riders control, ranked second, while a team of two students XII, who proposed the idea of ​​registering locations Of potholes using smart phones, got the third position.

“It seems that artificial intelligence and automatic learning play an important role not only in electronic commerce in the world, but also to solve some common problems that affect our cities,” said Utkarsh B, chief architect of Flipkart.

“I was a technician, if I could think of different dimensions of technology – applications, data, hardware – I think everything was covered by the equipment presented here.”
Request the Google traffic data and Bing maps, the Affine_Anonymous team wants to create a network of intelligent traffic lights that react in real time to bumper traffic at intersections.

In addition, by allowing traffic to match the lights, this could coordinate traffic more than any transit agent that depends on the eyes and radio currents to make decisions.

Atmik Ajoy and Chetan V, pursuing their twelfth grade studies, initially feared to challenge experienced technical teams.

Using smartphones to detect the bumpy location, the duo managed to impress the judges with their idea of ​​using the data collected to rank the cities in a competition similar to that of the SWACHH Bharat government.

While the first three teams were the best and most viable ideas, Police Commissioner Goyal said that each of the 11 teams had ideas that could be implemented by the Bangalore authorities.

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

New Delhi / SINGAPORE: India, the third largest oil importer, imports US oil for the first time after Indian Oil Corp has bought a cargo to be delivered in October.

The purchase comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. In June, when President Donald Trump said his country hopes to export more energy products in India.

The IOC has bought 1.6 million barrels of US crude oil, heavy, high sulfur content and four million barrels west of Canada Select to be delivered to a very large crude carrier, said AK Sharma, chief COI , Reuters.

PetroChina was awarded the tender to sell the cargo and must instruct oil on the US Gulf Coast, a commercial source with direct knowledge of the sale said.

The cargo was shipped evaluated on a basis that is “very competitive” compared to Basra Light, Sharma said.

“As long as prices remain competitive, we are going to buy more crude from the United States,” he said.

The IOC had to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Transport to buy the cargo on a provided basis, local regulations are favorable to the use of Indian carriers marked for imports, Sharma said.

India is the last Asian country to buy US crude after South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia and Taiwan as countries seek to diversify oil imports from other regions after OPEC cuts have raised the price of crude oil And bitter Middle East or tones with high sulfur content.

Indian refineries look for these heavy and rich qualities of sulfur as raw material after the changes in their plants, which facilitates the processing of these types of crude, which are usually sold at a lower cost compared to other types of hydrocarbons .

The United States could become an alternative source for Indian companies to these notes.

A second Indian refinery Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd also plans to buy its first crude oil cargo in the United States and issue a tender notice.

Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

BENGALURU: Paytm transferred to 800 people from its parent One97 Communications in its entity – Paytm e-commerce manages Paytm shopping center during the expansion of its retail business.

The company with the support of Alibaba will also hire additional workforce of about 2,000 executives this year as it aims to create a significant presence in e-commerce.
Earlier this year, One97 Communications separated its trade and payments into two separate entities as it recently launched its payment bank. In total, the company employs more than 5000 people.

In March this year, One97 Communications received a $ 200 million equity injection led by Alibaba with SAIF partners participating in the cycle.

Paytm E-commerce is considered the leading vehicle for e-commerce focused on consumer Alibaba India.

Having had several conversations with various companies, including Flipkart, China’s major e-commerce has invested separately in Paytm trading.

Paytm mall recently named Amit Sinha as chief operating officer. The online market has also defined the roles of other executives in key positions.

Saurabh Vashishtha will handle marketing while Amit Bagaria bring the customer experience with Bhushan Patil care of the logistics. Sunil is Goyal the leading products and technology for trade platfrom.

Although Paytm changed its business three years ago, payments were the main drivers of Noida’s revenue. Paytm’s father recently amassed $ 1.4 billion in fresh capital from SoftBank in Japan, many of which referred to the payment business.

Paytm Mall, which rivals Flipkart and Amazon, also introduced new political sanctions and cancellations for vendors as of July 10, according to a communication sent to sellers by Paytm that was seen by TOI.

Paytm Mall has created different slabs of cancellation fee depending on the phase of control canceled or delayed by a seller.

Sinha said that the latest changes in consumer policy target the seller have an online experience of trust.

“We are constantly updating our reliable business partners on best practices so they can provide an enhanced consumer experience,” said Sinha.

Publish the start-up Paytm bank, the senior management of the company and the trading team have been busy taking care of the leading brands in its trading platform.

It has already signed deals with brands such as LG, Samsung, Blue Star, Godrej, Killer Jeans, Bureaucracy and others. Their goal is to edge the best brands in the coming weeks.

The firm pat on the online line model (O2O) for regulars aboard the brick and mortar stores on their platform.

An O2O chain allows consumers who do not shop online on multiple platforms. The company also supports its rapid response (QR) codes on the trading platform that has been allocated the crore Rs 600 investment this year.

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

Government employees have issued a retirement overtime compensation under the seventh payment commission.

The reminder was sent on behalf of the defense and industrial employees. Meanwhile, the government also issued an order declaring the abolition of family planning allowance.

The decision to abolish the family planning allowance was made on the recommendation of Commission 7 for payment.

In a letter, he said that the BPMS, as soon as possible, is invited to attend the meeting of the Anomaly Commission 12.26.2016 under the chairmanship of AS J J Shri Rama Krishna Rao, where we express our concern for The delay in reviewing the legal duration of the benefit (subsidy free time under the 1948 ACT factories) in defense establishments.

In turn, the AS (J) has been fulfilled and instructed to resolve the problem of payment of the agreement according to the revised remuneration as a result of the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of payment.

It is therefore requested to take the necessary measures to make the issue of payment of overtime compensation in defense establishments on the review of the remuneration of the Commission’s recommendations of payment.

The abandonment of family allowance eliminates Subject: interruption of family support for the adoption of small family rules – the recommendation of the payments of the Central Commission of 7 ° The signer is invited to refer to the number 7/20/2008 E- IIIA this Ministry dated 24 9-2008 regarding the current rate of family planning benefits (FPA) eligible for central government employees and that, pursuant to paragraph 7 of Resolution No. 1-2 / 2016-IC Ministry, dated July 25, 2016, the issue of compensation (with the exception of the provision of good delivery) based on the recommendations of the Seventh Payment Commission refers to a committee chaired by the Secretary and Finance to a final decision at Respect, all rights should be paid at existing rates in the existing wage structure (the compensation structure based on the 6th Commission payment) as if the remuneration has not been revised. 2016.

Consequently, the FPA should also be lent to existing rates specified in the OM above date 24.9.2008.

Government decisions in various allocations based on the recommendations of the Commission of 7 and in the light of the recommendations of the Commission chaired by the Secretary of Finance has been notified in accordance with Resolution No. 11-1 / 2016-IC Date July 6, 2017.

As mentioned in SL. No. 60 Annex – He said resolution of July 8, 2017, accepted the recommendation of the Commission of 7

Of payment to abolish the family planning allowance and the decision takes effect on July 1, 2017. Consequently, FPA family planning allowance as admissible so far, will cease to exist in all cases.

These orders will take effect on July 1, 2017, and therefore, the family planning allowance will be discontinued on July 1, 2017.

In their application to employees of company accounts and accounts of India, these orders are issued consultation with the C & AG Office.

Veg-Only For Economy Fliers In India ‘To Cut Wastage’, Says Air India

Veg-Only For Economy Fliers In India ‘To Cut Wastage’, Says Air India

Veg-Only For Economy Fliers In India ‘To Cut Wastage’, Says Air India

NEW DELHI: Air India’s inexpensive domestic passengers are “aboard a strictly vegetarian food offer” because the airline decided to serve only vegetarian meals for travelers in the economy.

The airline, however, continue to offer a choice of vegetarians and non-vegetarians for its business class passengers.

The latest decision seems to be an extension of an earlier decision to serve vegetarian meals only on short flights.

A statement from the airline said: “Air India has made a conscious decision not to have non-vegetarian meals in tourist class on domestic flights to reduce waste, reduce costs and improve catering service.”

By December 2015, the company had introduced “unique vegetarian meals for flights that last less than 90 minutes” to reduce pressure on cabin crew.

“For very short flights like a 45-minute flight, there is little time to serve, then we offer boxes for sale.

But even for a flight of one hour, if you take the time shortly after takeoff or before landing, the cabin crew is only about 30 minutes. When is the time to ask the election? “Said a senior Air India who declined to be identified.

The official explained that the current decision was made mainly to reduce costs and waste.

“We looked at the issue and found that people are very health conscious and many prefer to eat plants in non-vegetarian foods. As a result, many non-vegetarian foods are lost,” the official said.

Although the company has not officially shared the amount it spends providing non-vegetarian dishes to its passengers, the airline’s chief said he spends about 8 million rupees a year to offer the non-vegetarian food option.

Reducing costs has been a priority for airline management, since the Modi government is looking for a potential buyer to sell the troubled airline has a debt of more than Rs. 52 billion rupees.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley heads an expert committee that handles airline departure terms.

DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry

DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry

DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry

The ancient Egyptians were the dream of an archaeologist. They left behind complex coffins, huge pyramids and beautiful hieroglyphic code of pictorial writing was broken in 1799. The Egyptians recorded tales of royalty and gods. They took note of the blends of life, too, as much fun as the beer revenue and doctor notes.

But there was a persistent hole in ancient Egypt identity: its chromosomes. Fresh and dry permafrost can preserve prehistoric DNA as a natural freezer, but Egypt is a gene incinerator. The area is hot. In mummies’ graves, where scientists expected to find genetic samples, moisture was destroying their DNA. In addition, sodium carbonate and other chemicals used by Egyptian embalmers damage the genetic material.

A study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Science in the History of Humanity and the University of Tübingen in Germany has managed to connect some of these genetic deficiencies. The researchers destroyed the genetic material of 151 Egyptian mummies, radiocarbon dating New Kingdom of Egypt (the oldest to 1388 BC) to Roman times (the youngest to 426 AD), according to reports in the journal Nature Communications.

Johannes Krause, a paléogénétisme of the University of Tübingen and author of the study, said the main finding was that “during the year 1300, a complete genetic continuity is observed.” Despite the repeated conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Arab Assyrians – and the list goes on – the ancient Egyptians showed little genetic change. “The other big surprise,” said Krause, “if we do not have many sub-Saharan African ancestry.”

The remains were from Abusir el-Meleq, an ancient Nile community in the middle of Egypt. Mummies, scientists have extracted bone samples from teeth and soft tissues. (Although Egyptian embalmers had removed the brains of the deceased, scientists wrote that “in most cases, unmixed mother heads still retain much of their soft tissue.”)

Difficult samples produced most of the DNA, perhaps because the teeth and bones were protected by the soft tissues or because the hiring process leaves a hard material intact. After preparing the samples in a sterilized room in Germany, the researchers bathed the samples under UV rays for one hour to minimize contamination.
The ancient Egyptians were closely related to those living along the eastern Mediterranean, according to the analysis. They also shared the genetic material with the residents of the Turkish peninsula at the time and in Europe.

Given Egypt’s location at the intersection of Africa, Europe and Asia, and the influx of foreign leaders, Krause said he was surprised that genetics appeared to be stable during this period. Scientists are particularly interested in the change of the ruling class at the beginning of the first millennium. First, the Hellenistic dynasty, following the conquests of Alexander the Great, from 332 BC. In the year 30 BC. AD, then the Roman rule in 30 BC. In the EA does not seem to be bothered by the change policy of 400 AD However, genetics community Abusir el-Meleq.

Scientists compared the ancient DNA to that of modern Egyptians 100 and 125 modern Ethiopians previously analyzed. If you ask the Egyptians, who say they have recently become more European, said Krause. “We see exactly the opposite,” he said.

It is relatively recent in Egypt’s long history that sub-Saharan genetic influences have become more pronounced. “In the last 1500 years, Egypt has become more African, if you will,” said Krause.

In their article, the researchers acknowledged that “our genetic data were obtained from a single site in Middle Egypt and may not be representative of ancient Egypt.” In southern Egypt, the authors wrote that sub-Saharan Africa’s influences could summer stronger.

NASA to announce its first mission to ‘touch the Sun’ today

NASA to announce its first mission to ‘touch the Sun’ today

NASA to announce its first mission to ‘touch the Sun’ today

New Delhi, 31 May: In what is supposed to be a landmark in space science, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will officially announce its first mission to fly our sun directly into the atmosphere. Calling the first “touch the sun” mission, the space agency in its statement said it would make the announcement at 11 am EDT Wednesday (meaning HST 8:30 pm Wednesday). The announcement will be made at the Eckhardt Research Center William Auditorium at the University of Chicago. The official announcement reported that the event will be broadcast live on NASA television and the agency’s website.
NASA Solar Probe Plus (SPP) should be launched in the summer of 2018. The NASA spacecraft will be placed into orbit at least four million kilometers from the surface of the sun. In this orbit, the spacecraft will encounter heat and radiation, unlike any spaceship in history.
The sun is 93 million miles (about 150 million kilometers) from Earth. The connection and interaction between the Sun and Earth in car of the stations, the ocean currents, the weather, the climate, the radiation belts and the northern lights. Although it is special to us, there are a billion stars as our sun dispersed in the galaxy of the Milky Way. It is believed that NASA’s spacecraft to explore the outer atmosphere of the sun and make critical observations that answer questions about physics decennial how the stars work. The resulting data will improve the main meteorological forecasts weather phenomena that influence life on Earth, as well as satellites and astronauts in space.
According to reports, a block instrument of 370 kilograms (815 pounds) called Helios 2 arrived about 43 million kilometers (27 million miles) from the surface of the Sun in its mission to study the solar winds and the cosmic radiation in 1976. He was informed that NASA will be closer to the Helios 2 sun crown to improve understanding of the sun.
Participants will be part of NASA’s solar mission are Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of the NASA Science Mission Directorate in Washington; Nicola Fox, scientific mission project at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, Eugene Parker, S. Chandrasekhar Distinguished Professor Emeritus Professor at the University of Chicago, Eric Isaacs, Executive Vice President Research, Innovation And the National Laboratories to the University of Chicago, Rocky Kolb, Dean of the Division of Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago.