Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Flipkart had recently received 400 tickets for the hackathon bottleneck to solve the problem of the congested streets of the city. On Saturday, the magnitude of electronic commerce has called the 11 most important teams, from different backgrounds – schools, colleges and technicians – to present their ideas to a panel of judges, including the Binny Bansal Chief Executive and Commissioner Abhishek Goyal Police.

Of these, only three were selected by the panel. The intelligent trolley affine solution Anonymous won the first place and by2rides a car sharing application that has placed the driver instead of the riders control, ranked second, while a team of two students XII, who proposed the idea of ​​registering locations Of potholes using smart phones, got the third position.

“It seems that artificial intelligence and automatic learning play an important role not only in electronic commerce in the world, but also to solve some common problems that affect our cities,” said Utkarsh B, chief architect of Flipkart.

“I was a technician, if I could think of different dimensions of technology – applications, data, hardware – I think everything was covered by the equipment presented here.”
Request the Google traffic data and Bing maps, the Affine_Anonymous team wants to create a network of intelligent traffic lights that react in real time to bumper traffic at intersections.

In addition, by allowing traffic to match the lights, this could coordinate traffic more than any transit agent that depends on the eyes and radio currents to make decisions.

Atmik Ajoy and Chetan V, pursuing their twelfth grade studies, initially feared to challenge experienced technical teams.

Using smartphones to detect the bumpy location, the duo managed to impress the judges with their idea of ​​using the data collected to rank the cities in a competition similar to that of the SWACHH Bharat government.

While the first three teams were the best and most viable ideas, Police Commissioner Goyal said that each of the 11 teams had ideas that could be implemented by the Bangalore authorities.

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

India buys first ever US crude oil, to step up purchases

New Delhi / SINGAPORE: India, the third largest oil importer, imports US oil for the first time after Indian Oil Corp has bought a cargo to be delivered in October.

The purchase comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. In June, when President Donald Trump said his country hopes to export more energy products in India.

The IOC has bought 1.6 million barrels of US crude oil, heavy, high sulfur content and four million barrels west of Canada Select to be delivered to a very large crude carrier, said AK Sharma, chief COI , Reuters.

PetroChina was awarded the tender to sell the cargo and must instruct oil on the US Gulf Coast, a commercial source with direct knowledge of the sale said.

The cargo was shipped evaluated on a basis that is “very competitive” compared to Basra Light, Sharma said.

“As long as prices remain competitive, we are going to buy more crude from the United States,” he said.

The IOC had to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Transport to buy the cargo on a provided basis, local regulations are favorable to the use of Indian carriers marked for imports, Sharma said.

India is the last Asian country to buy US crude after South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia and Taiwan as countries seek to diversify oil imports from other regions after OPEC cuts have raised the price of crude oil And bitter Middle East or tones with high sulfur content.

Indian refineries look for these heavy and rich qualities of sulfur as raw material after the changes in their plants, which facilitates the processing of these types of crude, which are usually sold at a lower cost compared to other types of hydrocarbons .

The United States could become an alternative source for Indian companies to these notes.

A second Indian refinery Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd also plans to buy its first crude oil cargo in the United States and issue a tender notice.

AU Small Finance Bank shares trade 48% higher on stock market debut

AU Small Finance Bank shares trade 48% higher on stock market debut

Mumbai: The Bank’s small UA funds Monday launched the stock markets to 52% after its initial public offering (IPO) was subscribed nearly 29 times last week.

Shares opened at Rs525 on BSE and touched a high and a low of Rs544 and Rs506.80 respectively. At 14:40, the script was traded at Rs530.05 on BSE, 48% above its issue price of Rs358 per share.

The market capitalization of the UA Small Finance was Rs15 billion rupees during its opening, higher than the market limit of most public sector banks, such as India Bank, IDBI bank, Bank Union of India, Vijaya Bank and syndicate of banks.

Among private banks, Union Bank City, Karur Vysya Bank and Bank DCB had a market capitalization below the Small AU Finances.

After registration, it was number 16 among all banks in India. Among the power supply, the Bank finances small AU was seventh, while among private banks, which ranked tenth.

Among the non-bank financial companies (HBNCO) Hudco, Dewan Housing Finance Ltd, Bharat Financial Services Ltd, JM Financial Ltd, IDFC Ltd, Manappuram Finance Ltd, Equitas Holdings Ltd and Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd are among those with a lower ceiling Than the financial market AU Small.

However, in Small Finance it has a head and deposits much smaller than the banks. Beginning in fiscal year 2017, total placements stood at Rs 5,930.8 crore against Rs3,817.40 crore, while deposits were Rs6,608 crore at Rs5,789.30 crore.

“The AUSFB portion of very small lenders who receive these types of high performance relationships while offering a secured collateral, which is commendable.

Due to secured loans, the AUSFB is better placed to transition to smaller financial banks relative to competitors.

Having a strong retail asset book, it will help you create AUSFB responsibilities with a strategic focus on customers and averages to help better cross-sell opportunities, “said a research note Aditya Birla Money research published June 28 For its investors.

The IPO increased Rs1,912 million rupees and an auction reached 1.09 billion shares against the total issue size of 37.70 million shares, according to data available with the National Stock Exchange.

The category reserved for qualified institutional buyers was subscribed 78.77 hours, while the portion reserved for non-institutional investors and retail investors were subscribed 143.51 times and 3.52 times, respectively.

US small business developer Sanjay Agarwal and private equity investors Warburg Pincus, the arm of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, ChrysCapital and Kedaara Capital sold all 53.42 million shares.

The Small Finance Bank of the UA was one of 10 NBFCs that obtained the Reserve Bank of India Approvals (RBI) in September 2015 for the creation of a small bank financing.

The bank has 301 branches of non-bank financial companies in 10 states and a Union territory with a significant presence in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

For fiscal year 2017, net income of Rs842.60 crore was recorded, including Rs517 crore of proceeds from the sale of investments in subsidiaries compared to Rs247.20 crore a year ago.

Net interest income increased by 40.7% over the previous year to Rs916.60 crore compared to Rs651.70 crore in the same period. Gross Assets Nonperformance percentages have increased by 1.6% from 0.6% over the same period.

The main officials of the offer are ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank (Banking Group), Motilal Oswal Investment Advisers and Citigroup Global Markets India.

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

Government employees have issued a retirement overtime compensation under the seventh payment commission.

The reminder was sent on behalf of the defense and industrial employees. Meanwhile, the government also issued an order declaring the abolition of family planning allowance.

The decision to abolish the family planning allowance was made on the recommendation of Commission 7 for payment.

In a letter, he said that the BPMS, as soon as possible, is invited to attend the meeting of the Anomaly Commission 12.26.2016 under the chairmanship of AS J J Shri Rama Krishna Rao, where we express our concern for The delay in reviewing the legal duration of the benefit (subsidy free time under the 1948 ACT factories) in defense establishments.

In turn, the AS (J) has been fulfilled and instructed to resolve the problem of payment of the agreement according to the revised remuneration as a result of the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of payment.

It is therefore requested to take the necessary measures to make the issue of payment of overtime compensation in defense establishments on the review of the remuneration of the Commission’s recommendations of payment.

The abandonment of family allowance eliminates Subject: interruption of family support for the adoption of small family rules – the recommendation of the payments of the Central Commission of 7 ° The signer is invited to refer to the number 7/20/2008 E- IIIA this Ministry dated 24 9-2008 regarding the current rate of family planning benefits (FPA) eligible for central government employees and that, pursuant to paragraph 7 of Resolution No. 1-2 / 2016-IC Ministry, dated July 25, 2016, the issue of compensation (with the exception of the provision of good delivery) based on the recommendations of the Seventh Payment Commission refers to a committee chaired by the Secretary and Finance to a final decision at Respect, all rights should be paid at existing rates in the existing wage structure (the compensation structure based on the 6th Commission payment) as if the remuneration has not been revised. 2016.

Consequently, the FPA should also be lent to existing rates specified in the OM above date 24.9.2008.

Government decisions in various allocations based on the recommendations of the Commission of 7 and in the light of the recommendations of the Commission chaired by the Secretary of Finance has been notified in accordance with Resolution No. 11-1 / 2016-IC Date July 6, 2017.

As mentioned in SL. No. 60 Annex – He said resolution of July 8, 2017, accepted the recommendation of the Commission of 7

Of payment to abolish the family planning allowance and the decision takes effect on July 1, 2017. Consequently, FPA family planning allowance as admissible so far, will cease to exist in all cases.

These orders will take effect on July 1, 2017, and therefore, the family planning allowance will be discontinued on July 1, 2017.

In their application to employees of company accounts and accounts of India, these orders are issued consultation with the C & AG Office.

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

The day the markets reached record levels, there was a turnkey, in the form of a technical problem that affected NSE or national stock market through the morning trade.

“Due to technical reasons in the cash market, trade was stopped in cash and F & O segment (futures and options) of the NSE,” said the exchange.

However, at 12.30, trade finally resumed after being closed for most of the morning session. Some traders said they still had problems in the cash market.

NSE said money markets were operating normally, although it was acknowledged that there was a “display problem” that licensees reported that it limited their ability to place trades.

Market regulator Sebi or the Board of India Stock Exchange and Securities said he was in contact with NSE and monitor the system closely.

Share prices and individual indices have not been previously updated. Acting CEO NSE (CEO) J Ravichandran said the grant was trying to solve the “technical problem”.

The technical problem in individual stocks affected traders since the beginning of Monday’s session, which prevents them from placing trades, several dealers said.

NSE stock indexes have been updated during the open trade, but stopped shortly thereafter. Futures and options contracts began to be sold normally at the beginning, but the NSE has stopped providing estimates, according to dealers.

“At this point, our objective is to reactivate the market and we have to analyze the cause,” Ravichandran said after the market closed.

The rival NSE, EEB Ltd, said its change was working normally. The benchmark BSE rose 0.77% to a record level, surpassing its historic success on June 22

Indian stock exchanges have already suffered trade interruptions from time to time, but were quickly resolved.

NSE has tried unsuccessfully to re-open the trade at 11 am but failed to solve the ‘technical’ problems.

NSE is the latest of the two stock exchanges in India and sees more than 80 percent of operations in the equity derivatives market and share its platform. BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia, compared to controlling 14 percent of operations.

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

This is the Rembrandt hanging on a garage sale, shares of Apple Inc. found in the grandmother’s office.

What about some ideas of moon dust? The real trick. Vintage Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, 1969.

What could have been a monumental opportunity for the man who transformed a planetarium in Hutchinson, Kansas., Into a world-class museum space (and then served two years of federal time to sell some of his artifacts), or himself Cosmosphere Center and Space, instead belongs to a rock-love lawyer who got lucky with a very neglected online auction for $ 995.

Although NASA never wanted lunar rocks or dust from the surface of the moon exchanged in the open market, the memory space botched stories that a generation ago, have somehow lost a price.

Later, the lawyer fought against the sacking of the person from NASA confirmed with pieces of real moon.

This summer, the sales agency with the golden will auction of Sotheby’s “Lunar Samples Return Bag” – an Apollo 11 case still inlays dust from the moon and rocks in its fabric – for the offering. The auction house plans to go north of $ 2 million for Moonshot relic.

The first lunar walker Armstrong tucked the briefcase into a pocket of his spacesuit after taking samples of the surface after his “leap for humanity”.

The scientists back on their home planet would study the dust had been hidden. However, the agency could land a man on the moon could not keep something that was used during the trip.

The zipper bag would eventually be discarded with other Apollo detritus, Cosmosphere direction the basement and would land in its former garage director.

When the museum manager, Max Ary was later convicted of selling Cosmosphere goods and carrying the product, most of his memorable items were captured, stored for a decade and then sold to pay his fines and restitution to the Cosmosphere .

Two years ago, the US Marshals Service put the bag in the auction with a launch key for a Soviet Soyuz T-14 spacecraft and a headrest for an Apollo command module. Nancy Lee Carlson, a real estate lawyer Inverness, Ill., The ripped on a whim.

She was the only bidder, probably because there was no indication that this was a dust from the moon or flew the first mission to touch the satellite of the original inhabited Earth.

Only after she was sent to Johnson Space Center in Houston to authenticate the actual value of the object is certified. After NASA confirmed that the Apollo 11 wine bag, he refused to return the wallet to Carlson. NASA has argued that he had never intended to give the artifact, and the space agency did not let go.

So he went on. In December, the J. Thomas Marten in Wichita district judge ruled that although the commission service sale was a mistake, the government had no power to reverse the purchase. It was hers.

In February, Carlson took security guards in Houston to remove the bag and held the other Sotheby auction – this one with the true value of the transparent pouch.

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, has ordered an investigation into how the final components of a controversial strain against US missiles have come to the country without his knowledge.

The president launched the probe after learning that a complete set of six launchers was in South Korea’s territory, moon spokesman Yoon Young-chan told a news conference on Tuesday. Earlier statements from the Defense Ministry – including a conference given to the president last week – have confirmed the deployment of only two launchers for the area’s high altitude defense system, or THAAD.

“Luna looked very shocking” and asked Defense Minister Han Min-koo to confirm that the four pitchers who were already in the country told Yoon reporters. How they were made, who made the decision and why the information kept citizens and the new government were the subjects to be studied, he said.

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Moon’s predecessor, Park Geun-hye, approved the deployment of THAAD, which it said was necessary to protect South Korea against the growth of North Korean nuclear and missile threats. During her election campaign, Luna criticized the anti-democratic decision and called for a parliamentary review and debate on the issue. He also tried to understand China, which opposes the deployment, alleging security reasons.

The first two mobile launchers arrived in South Korea in March and have deployed in Seongju County, southeast of Seoul. A single unit of THAAD comprises six mobile launchers and 48 interceptor missiles, as well as ground and radar control systems, according to the Ministry of Defense website.

Kohli only Indian in top 10 of ICC ODI rankings

Kohli only Indian in top 10 of ICC ODI rankings

Kohli only Indian in top 10 of ICC ODI rankings

LONDON: India captain Virat Kohli is the country’s lone cricketer to be among the top 10 ranking players for ODI CPI as he managed to keep his third place on the bench.
The intense competition in the individual qualification justifies the importance of the next ICC Champions Trophy, since the players of the eight participating teams dominate and not much separates the best players in the fray.
The first three hitters – Villiers AB (874 ratings) from South Africa, Australian David Warner (871) and Kohli (852) are separated by only 22 points.
Other Indians ranked among the top 20 CPI ranking players for ODI hitters, not Rohit Sharma (12), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (13) and Shikhar Dhawan, who dropped a spot to 15.
However, there was disappointment for India in the table of balloon pitchers because no country cricket player are in the list of 10, which is headed by Kagiso Rabada in South Africa.
Spinner Patel Axar left arm is in 11th place with New Zealand’s Matt Henry joint, while Amit Mishra (13) and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin (18th joint) are the other two Indian pitchers listed in the top 20 list.
Only 23 points separate the top three pitchers – RABADA (724 points), Imran Tahir (722) and Mitchell Starc (701).
India, South Africa and England have four batters in the top 20 each with New Zealand (three), Australia and Pakistan (two each) also have a significant presence.
Similarly, among bowlers, Bangladesh and England have three at the top 20, followed by New Zealand, South Africa and Australia with two.
On the all-terrain list led by Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh, there are three England players in the top 10.
England’s victory over South Africa, which helped them score two points, also reflects the tight competition that can be expected in a crunch tournament like the ICC Champions Trophy.
The top five ODI teams are close to each other with South Africa (122), Australia (118), India (117), New Zealand (114) and England (112) who have a lot to play in the eight-team tournament.
For example, Australia and India could overtake South Africa by the next upgrade if they win all three league games and South Africa lose all three matches.