Al Gore: ‘Our Country Is Going Through a Challenging Time’ With Trump

Al Gore: ‘Our Country Is Going Through a Challenging Time’ With Trump

When former Vice President Al Gore met with President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower to discuss climate change a month after the 2016 election, he initially said optimistically. Trump “would have been right.”

But after Trump announced the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1, Gore realized he had been wrong, he told Willie Geist Monday TODAY.

“Our country is living a difficult time, we have never had a president who deliberately made decisions whose effect is to destroy the position of the United States in the world, beginning with the withdrawal of the Paris Agreement,” Gore told me.

“The climate crisis is by far the most serious challenge we face, but it also undermines our alliances, like NATO, and our position in the world hurts us in many ways.”

Gore, who played and wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” and in the upcoming “One More Mistake” is a strong ecologist and was one of the most prominent voices calling for solutions to climate change.

The Paris agreement – sometimes called the Paris Climate Agreement – is an international coalition to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

Two nations – Syria, torn by civil war, and Nicaragua, which has been found that the agreement was not enough to protect the climate – has not signed the agreement.

Gore said he had not spoken to Trump since the president’s decision to withdraw the United States since the Paris agreement, but said he had been disturbed by other controversies that plagued the administration.

The former vice president said that “the unprecedented attack on our democracy led by Russia” has created the lens through which the 2016 elections are in sight.

In addition, Gore said he believed that more information, such as emails published by Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he met a Russian lawyer in the middle of the 2016 election, it has to be.

“John McCain, and by the way, I wish the best in his recovery, said this is another shoe that falls from the centipede.

There will be many more revelations to come if you follow the pattern of all these seemingly leaking inside the White House. ”

Gore said he had full confidence in Robert Mueller, the special adviser overseeing the investigation of possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“I have great confidence, because I believe everyone, Bob Mueller, the independent lawyer. It is very good that our country has a man like him that everyone can tell [and] what they discover, I think people have Confidence in him, “Gore said.

What Failure On Obamacare Repeal Means For Tax Reform Listen· 3:34

What Failure On Obamacare Repeal Means For Tax Reform  Listen· 3:34

Even if they lick the wounds of a repeal of the Medical Care Act’s repeal, Republican leaders in Washington are seeing the next battle – in taxes.

“I would say we will probably start very difficult for the big tax cuts and tax reform,” Trump’s president Friday told reporters. “It’s going to be next.”

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, agreed, although he acknowledged that the defeat in health care was a failure.

“This makes tax reform more difficult,” Ryan said. “But that’s not impossible.”

Republicans were hoping to succeed in their goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to generate momentum and team spirit that addresses other fights.

Instead, they carry an embarrassing failure – and disputes between factions that have torpedoed Obamacare repeal and are not likely to settle soon.

“If Trump can not align support for health care, it’s hard to see how it could lead to tax reform,” said William Gale, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and co-director of the Tax Policy Center.

Fiscal policy is probably as difficult or more difficult than health care, in terms of juggling interest groups, Gale said.

“It takes a president to be able to talk to people and provide coverage to individual legislators to be besieged by voters and lobbyists who lose benefits,” he said.

More conservative lawmakers, including members of the Liberty Group, were frustrated by the fact that the bill did not fully compensate for the Affordable Care Act before building something new.

The move would also give a significant tax cut for people earning more than $ 200,000 per year. The Blue House magicians insist that the collapse of health care does not spread to other parts of the president’s agenda.

“I think you can not tie these items together,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Friday. “Whether it’s immigration or tax reform, there’s still a big appetite out there.”

The resolution on the budget for the current budget year establishes that any conciliation measure should reduce the deficit, which derogation Obamacare GOP was designed to do.

Republicans could then draft a new budget resolution for the fiscal year ahead, with the easier deficit targets, allowing for more aggressive tax cuts.

Technically, the tax reform approved by the reconciliation can not yet add to the deficit. However, there are ways for legislators to circumvent this rule, for example by adopting other baselines.

The Trump tax plan proposed during the presidential campaign will swell the billion-dollar deficit, according to analysts, both in central centrist fiscal policy and Conservative Tax Foundation.

Both groups found that the largest economies in the context of this plan would go to the wealthiest taxpayers, the first percent of employees would receive a 10 to 20 percent increase in their income, while middle-income families would make smaller profits From 1 to 10 percent.

Butterfly Craters on Mars, Mercury, Moon Reveal Similarities and Differences

Butterfly Craters on Mars, Mercury, Moon Reveal Similarities and Differences

Butterfly Craters on Mars, Mercury, Moon Reveal Similarities and Differences

Unusual butterfly-shaped craters on Mars, Mercury and the Moon can give an overview of the three worlds surfaces, and even suggest the presence of a third window that could previously orbiting the red planet, new research shows.

Research comparing these butterfly features on the three objects in the solar system helps identify the similarities and differences of the body and to help scientists understand the conditions in the world where materials are crushed and insect models created.

“The combination of these two [features] gives us what looks like butterfly wings,” said Robert Herrick of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, at Herrick has used up-to-date observations of Mars, Mercury and the Moon to make a more complete study of objects striking surfaces at low angles, forming butterflies and other unusual shapes. He presented his findings to the Conference of Lunar and Planetary Sciences in The Woodlands, Texas, in March.

NASA’s Viking orbiter collected images of crater butterflies on Mars in the 1970s while Apolllo missions have captured evidence of similar craters on the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s. The elongated body cratered craters did reveal low angles of batting, Which crashed on the ground at relatively low speeds. Slowly, as they rushed into the area, they blew the material into the air.

The ejection pattern in this Mars butterfly crater formed as blowing material created two “forbidden zones” ahead and behind the crater in which nothing returned to the surface. Resultant debris left a butterfly model.
The ejection pattern in this Mars butterfly crater formed as blowing material created two “forbidden zones” ahead and behind the crater in which nothing returned to the surface. Resultant debris left a butterfly model.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU
But debris does not fall evenly around the site. Small footprint impacts and deceleration create “forbidden zones” or wedge-shaped regions through and beyond the object without introducing ejected material. While ejected greatly fall from the sides, the floor in front and behind the impactor remains free of debris. The result is the unusual shape of butterflies.

While laboratory experiments have recreated most forms of butterflies observed in nature with sufficient attention, Herrick said they are not perfect replicas. “We’re still working to understand what’s going on,” he said. Replication defects allowed in the lab is still a challenge, which is suspicious hardware Herrick-related surface, he said.

Material blown into the air by impact can melt or vaporize quickly, which affects how it falls on the ground. Herrick suggested that the presence of ice below the surface of Mars could affect how the materials fall to the surface around elongated craters. Detailed crater comments and their features can help resolve some of the mysteries surrounding them, he said.

During the decades since NASA’s Apollo and Viking missions, space agencies have sent out other missions to visit the three rocky worlds. Herrick looked at mercury images of NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft as well as more detailed images of various missions to the Moon and Mars to extract a more complete list of the population of unusual craters. He compared some of the best preserved craters in them to see how the features differ in all three worlds.

Due to active erosion from wind and water (in the past) on Mars, more unusual craters on Mars degrade, Herrick said. However, because Mercury and the Moon have essentially no atmosphere, craters tend to remain longer virgins, he said. At the same time, Mars is the largest of the three bodies, and this affects the amount of gravitationally drawn to the surface of the material. Consequently, it has a larger population of elongated craters.

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby’s: a $2 million bag?

This is the Rembrandt hanging on a garage sale, shares of Apple Inc. found in the grandmother’s office.

What about some ideas of moon dust? The real trick. Vintage Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, 1969.

What could have been a monumental opportunity for the man who transformed a planetarium in Hutchinson, Kansas., Into a world-class museum space (and then served two years of federal time to sell some of his artifacts), or himself Cosmosphere Center and Space, instead belongs to a rock-love lawyer who got lucky with a very neglected online auction for $ 995.

Although NASA never wanted lunar rocks or dust from the surface of the moon exchanged in the open market, the memory space botched stories that a generation ago, have somehow lost a price.

Later, the lawyer fought against the sacking of the person from NASA confirmed with pieces of real moon.

This summer, the sales agency with the golden will auction of Sotheby’s “Lunar Samples Return Bag” – an Apollo 11 case still inlays dust from the moon and rocks in its fabric – for the offering. The auction house plans to go north of $ 2 million for Moonshot relic.

The first lunar walker Armstrong tucked the briefcase into a pocket of his spacesuit after taking samples of the surface after his “leap for humanity”.

The scientists back on their home planet would study the dust had been hidden. However, the agency could land a man on the moon could not keep something that was used during the trip.

The zipper bag would eventually be discarded with other Apollo detritus, Cosmosphere direction the basement and would land in its former garage director.

When the museum manager, Max Ary was later convicted of selling Cosmosphere goods and carrying the product, most of his memorable items were captured, stored for a decade and then sold to pay his fines and restitution to the Cosmosphere .

Two years ago, the US Marshals Service put the bag in the auction with a launch key for a Soviet Soyuz T-14 spacecraft and a headrest for an Apollo command module. Nancy Lee Carlson, a real estate lawyer Inverness, Ill., The ripped on a whim.

She was the only bidder, probably because there was no indication that this was a dust from the moon or flew the first mission to touch the satellite of the original inhabited Earth.

Only after she was sent to Johnson Space Center in Houston to authenticate the actual value of the object is certified. After NASA confirmed that the Apollo 11 wine bag, he refused to return the wallet to Carlson. NASA has argued that he had never intended to give the artifact, and the space agency did not let go.

So he went on. In December, the J. Thomas Marten in Wichita district judge ruled that although the commission service sale was a mistake, the government had no power to reverse the purchase. It was hers.

In February, Carlson took security guards in Houston to remove the bag and held the other Sotheby auction – this one with the true value of the transparent pouch.

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s Moon Orders Probe After Missile Shield Surprise

South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, has ordered an investigation into how the final components of a controversial strain against US missiles have come to the country without his knowledge.

The president launched the probe after learning that a complete set of six launchers was in South Korea’s territory, moon spokesman Yoon Young-chan told a news conference on Tuesday. Earlier statements from the Defense Ministry – including a conference given to the president last week – have confirmed the deployment of only two launchers for the area’s high altitude defense system, or THAAD.

“Luna looked very shocking” and asked Defense Minister Han Min-koo to confirm that the four pitchers who were already in the country told Yoon reporters. How they were made, who made the decision and why the information kept citizens and the new government were the subjects to be studied, he said.

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Moon’s predecessor, Park Geun-hye, approved the deployment of THAAD, which it said was necessary to protect South Korea against the growth of North Korean nuclear and missile threats. During her election campaign, Luna criticized the anti-democratic decision and called for a parliamentary review and debate on the issue. He also tried to understand China, which opposes the deployment, alleging security reasons.

The first two mobile launchers arrived in South Korea in March and have deployed in Seongju County, southeast of Seoul. A single unit of THAAD comprises six mobile launchers and 48 interceptor missiles, as well as ground and radar control systems, according to the Ministry of Defense website.