Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

Paytm Mall plans to hire 2,000, moves 800 executives from One97

BENGALURU: Paytm transferred to 800 people from its parent One97 Communications in its entity – Paytm e-commerce manages Paytm shopping center during the expansion of its retail business.

The company with the support of Alibaba will also hire additional workforce of about 2,000 executives this year as it aims to create a significant presence in e-commerce.
Earlier this year, One97 Communications separated its trade and payments into two separate entities as it recently launched its payment bank. In total, the company employs more than 5000 people.

In March this year, One97 Communications received a $ 200 million equity injection led by Alibaba with SAIF partners participating in the cycle.

Paytm E-commerce is considered the leading vehicle for e-commerce focused on consumer Alibaba India.

Having had several conversations with various companies, including Flipkart, China’s major e-commerce has invested separately in Paytm trading.

Paytm mall recently named Amit Sinha as chief operating officer. The online market has also defined the roles of other executives in key positions.

Saurabh Vashishtha will handle marketing while Amit Bagaria bring the customer experience with Bhushan Patil care of the logistics. Sunil is Goyal the leading products and technology for trade platfrom.

Although Paytm changed its business three years ago, payments were the main drivers of Noida’s revenue. Paytm’s father recently amassed $ 1.4 billion in fresh capital from SoftBank in Japan, many of which referred to the payment business.

Paytm Mall, which rivals Flipkart and Amazon, also introduced new political sanctions and cancellations for vendors as of July 10, according to a communication sent to sellers by Paytm that was seen by TOI.

Paytm Mall has created different slabs of cancellation fee depending on the phase of control canceled or delayed by a seller.

Sinha said that the latest changes in consumer policy target the seller have an online experience of trust.

“We are constantly updating our reliable business partners on best practices so they can provide an enhanced consumer experience,” said Sinha.

Publish the start-up Paytm bank, the senior management of the company and the trading team have been busy taking care of the leading brands in its trading platform.

It has already signed deals with brands such as LG, Samsung, Blue Star, Godrej, Killer Jeans, Bureaucracy and others. Their goal is to edge the best brands in the coming weeks.

The firm pat on the online line model (O2O) for regulars aboard the brick and mortar stores on their platform.

An O2O chain allows consumers who do not shop online on multiple platforms. The company also supports its rapid response (QR) codes on the trading platform that has been allocated the crore Rs 600 investment this year.

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

NSE hit by technical glitch, trade halted

The day the markets reached record levels, there was a turnkey, in the form of a technical problem that affected NSE or national stock market through the morning trade.

“Due to technical reasons in the cash market, trade was stopped in cash and F & O segment (futures and options) of the NSE,” said the exchange.

However, at 12.30, trade finally resumed after being closed for most of the morning session. Some traders said they still had problems in the cash market.

NSE said money markets were operating normally, although it was acknowledged that there was a “display problem” that licensees reported that it limited their ability to place trades.

Market regulator Sebi or the Board of India Stock Exchange and Securities said he was in contact with NSE and monitor the system closely.

Share prices and individual indices have not been previously updated. Acting CEO NSE (CEO) J Ravichandran said the grant was trying to solve the “technical problem”.

The technical problem in individual stocks affected traders since the beginning of Monday’s session, which prevents them from placing trades, several dealers said.

NSE stock indexes have been updated during the open trade, but stopped shortly thereafter. Futures and options contracts began to be sold normally at the beginning, but the NSE has stopped providing estimates, according to dealers.

“At this point, our objective is to reactivate the market and we have to analyze the cause,” Ravichandran said after the market closed.

The rival NSE, EEB Ltd, said its change was working normally. The benchmark BSE rose 0.77% to a record level, surpassing its historic success on June 22

Indian stock exchanges have already suffered trade interruptions from time to time, but were quickly resolved.

NSE has tried unsuccessfully to re-open the trade at 11 am but failed to solve the ‘technical’ problems.

NSE is the latest of the two stock exchanges in India and sees more than 80 percent of operations in the equity derivatives market and share its platform. BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia, compared to controlling 14 percent of operations.