Al Gore: ‘Our Country Is Going Through a Challenging Time’ With Trump

Al Gore: ‘Our Country Is Going Through a Challenging Time’ With Trump

When former Vice President Al Gore met with President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower to discuss climate change a month after the 2016 election, he initially said optimistically. Trump “would have been right.”

But after Trump announced the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1, Gore realized he had been wrong, he told Willie Geist Monday TODAY.

“Our country is living a difficult time, we have never had a president who deliberately made decisions whose effect is to destroy the position of the United States in the world, beginning with the withdrawal of the Paris Agreement,” Gore told me.

“The climate crisis is by far the most serious challenge we face, but it also undermines our alliances, like NATO, and our position in the world hurts us in many ways.”

Gore, who played and wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” and in the upcoming “One More Mistake” is a strong ecologist and was one of the most prominent voices calling for solutions to climate change.

The Paris agreement – sometimes called the Paris Climate Agreement – is an international coalition to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

Two nations – Syria, torn by civil war, and Nicaragua, which has been found that the agreement was not enough to protect the climate – has not signed the agreement.

Gore said he had not spoken to Trump since the president’s decision to withdraw the United States since the Paris agreement, but said he had been disturbed by other controversies that plagued the administration.

The former vice president said that “the unprecedented attack on our democracy led by Russia” has created the lens through which the 2016 elections are in sight.

In addition, Gore said he believed that more information, such as emails published by Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he met a Russian lawyer in the middle of the 2016 election, it has to be.

“John McCain, and by the way, I wish the best in his recovery, said this is another shoe that falls from the centipede.

There will be many more revelations to come if you follow the pattern of all these seemingly leaking inside the White House. ”

Gore said he had full confidence in Robert Mueller, the special adviser overseeing the investigation of possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“I have great confidence, because I believe everyone, Bob Mueller, the independent lawyer. It is very good that our country has a man like him that everyone can tell [and] what they discover, I think people have Confidence in him, “Gore said.

What Failure On Obamacare Repeal Means For Tax Reform Listen· 3:34

What Failure On Obamacare Repeal Means For Tax Reform  Listen· 3:34

Even if they lick the wounds of a repeal of the Medical Care Act’s repeal, Republican leaders in Washington are seeing the next battle – in taxes.

“I would say we will probably start very difficult for the big tax cuts and tax reform,” Trump’s president Friday told reporters. “It’s going to be next.”

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, agreed, although he acknowledged that the defeat in health care was a failure.

“This makes tax reform more difficult,” Ryan said. “But that’s not impossible.”

Republicans were hoping to succeed in their goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to generate momentum and team spirit that addresses other fights.

Instead, they carry an embarrassing failure – and disputes between factions that have torpedoed Obamacare repeal and are not likely to settle soon.

“If Trump can not align support for health care, it’s hard to see how it could lead to tax reform,” said William Gale, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and co-director of the Tax Policy Center.

Fiscal policy is probably as difficult or more difficult than health care, in terms of juggling interest groups, Gale said.

“It takes a president to be able to talk to people and provide coverage to individual legislators to be besieged by voters and lobbyists who lose benefits,” he said.

More conservative lawmakers, including members of the Liberty Group, were frustrated by the fact that the bill did not fully compensate for the Affordable Care Act before building something new.

The move would also give a significant tax cut for people earning more than $ 200,000 per year. The Blue House magicians insist that the collapse of health care does not spread to other parts of the president’s agenda.

“I think you can not tie these items together,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Friday. “Whether it’s immigration or tax reform, there’s still a big appetite out there.”

The resolution on the budget for the current budget year establishes that any conciliation measure should reduce the deficit, which derogation Obamacare GOP was designed to do.

Republicans could then draft a new budget resolution for the fiscal year ahead, with the easier deficit targets, allowing for more aggressive tax cuts.

Technically, the tax reform approved by the reconciliation can not yet add to the deficit. However, there are ways for legislators to circumvent this rule, for example by adopting other baselines.

The Trump tax plan proposed during the presidential campaign will swell the billion-dollar deficit, according to analysts, both in central centrist fiscal policy and Conservative Tax Foundation.

Both groups found that the largest economies in the context of this plan would go to the wealthiest taxpayers, the first percent of employees would receive a 10 to 20 percent increase in their income, while middle-income families would make smaller profits From 1 to 10 percent.

MSNBC Live lays out business case for staying in the Paris climate agreement

MSNBC Live lays out business case for staying in the Paris climate agreement

MSNBC Live lays out business case for staying in the Paris climate agreement

STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): President Trump said a decision about his intention to abandon the climate deal will come to Paris this week. If Trump decides to bail out the deal, it will be against companies like Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Hilton, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, Google, and the Dow Chemical Company, to name a few. For more information on the company’s views, CN Insider collaborator Ron Insana, and I have my back panel with me, Mike Lupica and Megan Murphy. Ron, is the Paris deal good or bad for the business? Because we know that companies do not like volatility, and they are all lined up to prepare for that.

RON INSANA: And that’s how many other agreements. It is like the law of fiduciary responsibility of the Ministry of Labor for financial companies, which says put the customer first. All Wall Street firms have prepared for it. And now that they have planned to overthrow him. Now that the Paris climate agreements. Most companies have moved towards a sustainable form of energy, reducing their carbon footprint and what it has in the context of concern about climate change. So if we go out in the short term, no doubt, you may see an advantage for companies because their compliance costs decrease. In the long run, this is not the way the world works, and businesses must remain absolutely aligned with this agreement because it ultimately benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency as well. on.

RÜHLE: Then he retired, which the president should play? Who was going to do it, please? As we have mentioned, Dow Chemical is, Andrew Liveris is –

Insane Exxon is there.

RÜHLE Exxon. Andrew Liveris is the closest trustee adviser to Trump’s president, but Ted Cruz said over the weekend he said: “Not only will these unfair standards reduce US growth and wages and increase monthly utility costs for families Would be primarily at a disadvantage for the United States in the global economy. ”

Insane: Absolutely false. If you return –

RÜHLE in one word.

Insane in one word. If you go back and look at history, President Nixon started the Environmental Protection Agency. President Reagan got rid of acid rain by reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide. In addition, emissions of CFCs are reduced to help the ozone layer. Throughout this period, the economy has grown and grown and grown with very little negative impact on the financial results of companies. We saw corporate earnings establish records over and over again. This is actually in many ways, even if you do not believe that climate change is man-made, it is always advisable to keep your own diaper box if you wish. It is not a bad idea to do these things.

RÜHLE: So Megan, so it’s a smart thing for business, I mean if you heard the CEO of ExxonMobil. And not only that, Jared, Ivanka, Dina Powell, the Gary Cohn quota. Why does not the president participate?

MEGAN MURPHY: Okay, on the other hand, there are also 195 other countries that are members of the agreement. And big companies. It is not just the fact that this is a drift towards sustainable energy and that companies focus more on politics but also unlocking billions that they consider remained out of the investment. Unleash the future of smart energy, move jobs, invest in infrastructure this way and how to unlock a different future for American investment, for global investment. If we are going to get out of this deal, we will really be very excluded, both in terms of what big companies want and how the world is changing ….