Manchester, Hillary Clinton, Paris Agreement: Your Evening Briefing

Manchester, Hillary Clinton, Paris Agreement: Your Evening Briefing

1. The President of Trump spent the day in Taormina, Sicily, a sunny pleasure dome for the global set of airplanes, a place where our correspondent told the worlds of luxury business and M. Trump policy were sure to mix, from Otherwise collide.

M. Trump was in town for the Group of 7 summit, where world leaders stepped up their pressure Friday to maintain the US. In the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

We have examined whether the climate agreement in Paris could survive the “renegotiation” of M. Trump, and this is our last coverage of his trip.

2. The deadliest attacks have erupted in countries already weary of violence.

In Egypt, at least 28 people were killed by armed men who broke into the bus carrying Coptic Christian faithful; Many of the victims were shot nearby. Hours later, Israeli warplanes carried out air strikes against militants in six camps in eastern Libya. Above, a funeral for the victims in Egypt.

Manchester Greg Gianforte, Mosul: the information evening Thursday 25 MAY 2017
The Taliban attacked an outpost of the Afghan army and Kandahar killed at least 15 soldiers in combat hours – the latest in a wave of attacks in the strategically vital province.

And in Iraq, a contraband video outing of the country and broadcast by ABC News appears to show a unit of Iraqi special forces – one that has been praised by the United States – torture and execution of civilians in Mosul last year.

3. Reviewing the tax code becomes easier than repealing Obamacare.

Most Senate Republicans want to undergo repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, but they face the urgent need to stabilize insurance markets melting. Above, Mitch McConnell, majority leader.

With health research, many Republicans are slowly turning to changes in the fiscal code as a means of legislative success.

4. Our journalists went to Manchester, England, where some blocks contain a world.

Kurdish barbers sit next to shops selling bright saris. An Islamic library is facing a Jamaican supermarket. There are Tunisia, Vietnam and all the intermediate points.

Monday’s terrorist attack that killed 22 people was an attack not only on the city but on the multicultural “multicultural road.”

On Friday, British officials said they had picked up most of the Associated Manchester striker. Eight men, aged 18 to 38 years in prison, while the investigation continues.
5. In the new female growls of America, which is the big bundles and weight of history.

Our reporters followed the first group of women to be trained in army infantry training, a milestone that the army tried to minimize. But the ones I did see as monumental and revolutionary.

6. Is it bad that the body starts a journalist?

These days, opinions varied. Greg Gianforte, a wealthy Montana Republican, was elected a day after attacking a journalist – and some conservatives even wanted to ask the media to apologize.

The guests at the end of the night had not yet responded, but they knew the episode was made for good comedy.

7. “You may have heard that things have not gone exactly as planned,” Hillary Clinton said in her opening address at Wellesley College, her alma mater. “But you know what? I’m fine.”

Clinton continued to run President Trump – but never by name – struck the budget proposal, and established parallels with Richard Nixon.

8. The golf course is at the heart of the Trump family fortune, and P.G.A. The tournament is played in a Donald Trump assumption for the first time since becoming president.

The event – P.G.A. principal. Championship at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia – shows how persistent ties with his business empire, particularly the golf business, prove the limits of Mr. Trump’s political ethics.

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