Paris Agreement: Is the State Department Running Its Own Game?

Paris Agreement: Is the State Department Running Its Own Game?

Paris Agreement: Is the State Department Running Its Own Game?

Secretary of State Tillerson caused when an uprising on May 11, the Fairbanks Declaration was signed at the tenth ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental body made up of eight nations and the Arctic zone. Tillerson’s signature was interesting because the Declaration contains several statements expressing increased concern about climate change and the stronger commitments to remedy that President Trump has expressed to date.

For example, the Declaration calls for climate change “the most serious threat to Arctic biodiversity,” notes “with concern” the “urgent need and mitigation and adaptation actions for growth” and affirms the need for “Global action” for Reduce greenhouse gas emissions “” “.

According to most media accounts, the Declaration does not prejudge the way in which President Trump especially in the climate policy in general or the Paris Climate Agreement. As has been said by a State Department official, although the Fairbanks Declaration “take note” of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, “which does not oblige the United States to implement.” Other Council members such as Finland , They wanted a stronger language. Tillerson was pushed back, saying in a speech prepared:

In the United States, we are examining a number of important policies, including how Trump management will address the issue of climate change. We thank each of you have an important point of view, and you should know that we take the time to understand your concerns. Do not rush to make a decision. We will work to make the right decision for the United States. The Arctic Council will continue to be an important platform as we deliberate on these issues.

Thus, by all appearances, the Fairbanks Declaration does not conflict with the promise of two-part Trump campaign to cancel United States participation in the Paris Agreement and stop payments to programs the UN global warming, Including the Green Climate Fund. The reality is different.

Section 31 (page 6) of the Declaration states that the Council:

Recognizing the importance of scientific assessments and projections for informed decision-making in the Arctic, the integration of traditional and local knowledge and the dependence of biodiversity and Arctic residents on freshwater availability, welcome the Updated assessment of snow, water, ice and permafrost in the Arctic, note with concern the conclusions and adopt its recommendations. [Emphasis added]

It looks like a harmless lake, but it is not. Section 31 adopts the recommendations of an April 2017 report entitled “Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic.” The summary of the decision concludes:

The Arctic states, the permanent members and observers of the Arctic Council should individually and collectively, the global lead efforts for rapid, ambitious and comprehensive implementation of the Paris Agreement of COP 21, including efforts to reduce emissions of climate- Short (P. 18) [Emphasis added]

Therefore, by reference, the Fairbanks Declaration recommends the USA. To lead the global efforts for “early, ambitious and comprehensive implementation of the Paris Agreement”. It is now the official position of the United States government. However, Trump did not retract his campaign promise, and recently, during his one hundred-day speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he has compared the Paris agreement to arms dealing with Iran, considering it as a “one-sided agreement” Where the US Pays thousands While China, Russia and India have contributed and will contribute nothing. ”

The preamble to the Declaration reaffirms “UN Sustainable Development Goals and the need to achieve that by the year 2030.” Fairbanks Here reference is made to UN resolution A / RES / 70/1 “The Transformation of our World: 2030 Program for Sustainable Development”, adopted in September 2015. The purpose of Resolution 13 is “to take urgent action Fight against climate change and its impacts “(p.27). One of the sub-objectives is:
Ble. “This is exactly the kind of” unilateral “Trump deal denigrated in Scranton.