Overwatch tease points to – moon map? New hero? Lore dump? You decide

Overwatch tease points to – moon map? New hero? Lore dump? You decide

The developer has launched a new blog and a series of images related to the lunar horizon colony, which has registered a few years later, according to the Overwatch experience.

For those of you who have not reestablished the scattered narrative Overwatch, Moon Colony Horizon was where Lucheng Interstellar posed a series of genetically enhanced gorillas for use in space tests. (Winston was, of course, one of the test subjects.) The colony was taken offline when the gorillas rebelled and the contact stopped shortly thereafter.

And now for the inevitable “so far,” according to a new blog post on Overwatch, Lucheng Interstellar revealed that “databases and colony monitoring systems are still in operation that day.”

“Although no direct communication has been established with the facility, the company managed to retrieve interpersonal records sent days and moments before the base will lose contact with the Earth,” it appears. You can see below.

Although the connection to Cologne lunar horizon is unstable, Lucheng is also able to retrieve an image of the surveillance system. As you can see, Winston is not the only specimen to lose. Where is Hammond? You will notice that your name is mentioned in the previous messages.

So what does all this mean? We are sure that this is a clue to highlight a new card on the Moon. That said, Blizzard also said that the new shorts of overwatch animation comes, and it is possible that all this accumulates in a new broadcast or cartoon another update of the tradition, since fans always demand more content history.

It seems unlikely that we raise provocations for a new event while the blizzard focuses on Overwatch anniversary and in any case the developer says we will not see any new events in the second year. In addition, Blizzard said we’re going to get only about four new overwatch hero a year, so do not expect a second gorilla joining the cast either.

(If there is a new hero along the way, and it’s a space theme, let it be Jetpack Cat In A, the most unfortunate Overwatch concept.)

Anyway, we can expect that almost certainly an update in the next few days, since Blizzard said he did not want to drag Overwatch’s strengths as he did with ARG Shadow.

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