Trump still ‘wide open’ on climate change, Pentagon chief says

Trump still ‘wide open’ on climate change, Pentagon chief says

President Trump decided whether the United States should remain an integral part of Paris’s most representative climate deal, Defense Secretary James Mattis said Trump remains “wide open” on this issue.

During a visit to Europe, which ended Saturday Trump dismayed European allies, by refusing to commit to remain in the 2015 agreement in talks with representatives of the European Union in Brussels and the group of Seven meeting in Sicily. The president said in a tweet he was going to make a decision this week.

Mattis, who was present at some of the Brussels talks, said Trump always decides and was curious about the opinions of other leaders.

“The president was open – I was curious as to why other people were in their position, counterparts from other countries,” the Defense Secretary said in an interview broadcast Sunday in “Face the Nation” CBS.

“And I’m sure the President is very open on this issue as he takes the advantages and disadvantages of this agreement.”

During his trip to Europe, Trump met privately with Vatican Francis, who presented a copy of his papal encyclical on the environment and climate change. French President Emmanuel Macron, who met with Trump in Brussels, also said he had highlighted the problem with the President of the United States, although the White House did not mention the call in a summary of his meetings.

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