Tatkal Booking, Cancellation Rules: Railways Issues Clarification

Tatkal Booking, Cancellation Rules: Railways Issues Clarification

There is no change in tax refund rules tatkal, according to Railways
Indian Railways has issued the information saying that there had been no change in the booking rules of tickets and other tatkal from July 1.

“We realized that the new is exceptional in various social networking platforms, WhatsApp groups and some websites mentioning that the Indian Railways introduced several changes and new facilities from July 1, 2017.

This news is totally incorrect and unfounded, “Ferrocarriles said in a statement. This created a great deal of confusion in the minds of railway users. ”

The booking time of tatkal tickets was changed in 2015 with the book being open at 10:00 AM and current AC without air conditioning at 11:00 a.m. (one day before the date of travel, excluding the date of travel). There is no change in these times and follows the same arrangement.

Again, there is no change in the rules for the refund of tatkal tickets. Under the existing rule, will not be granted on cancellation of confirmed tickets tatkal / duplicate tickets tatkal. This rule still works.

As such, no new changes were introduced since 1 July 2017. The only novelty is that railways, like other departments, reveal the GST (goods and services) of hay NOC Change in no refund rules TICKETS, tatkal, according to Railroads
Railways of India has ISSUED THE INFORMATION Saying that there was no Change there The Rules of Reservation and Other TICKETS tatkal of July 1st.

“Our We Realize That New is Outstanding on the Diverse Social Networking Platforms, Some Some Groups This WhatsApp Websites That Mentions That Indian Railways Introduced Various Changes and New Installations from July 1, 2017 .

This news is incorrect Totally And without foundation “I SAID Railroads in a Press Release”. THIS I BELIEVE A great confusion in the mint the Users of the railroad “.

The time of Booking Tickets tatkal is with the Change 2015 Book By Being open to 10:00 AC current and sen Air Conditioning At 11.00 am (to Day of the previous Date of the Trip, excluding Travel Date). There is no change in these times of follow and the same disposition.

Again, there is no change in the Rules for refund TICKET CONDITIONS tatkal. Under the existing rule, they are not granted to the sober cancellation of TICKETS confirmed tatkal tatkal / duplicate Entries. Running this rule follows.

As such, No New Changes were introduced since July 1, 2017. The only thing is that new railways, like other departments, reveal the GST (Goods and Services) from July 1, 2017.

Tickets Railways Sell Available Both the Expectations through the e-ticket are ERP (Passenger Reservation System). There is no change in this pattern and the railroad will continue to sell tickets inscribed on hold for an outlets online now and PRS.

The railways ran the Suvidha class trains since July 2015. These trains will continue to operate. The waiting ticket on these trains is also necessary is if it is available. Provide a refund Partial conditions if the train tickets SUVIDES is the Principle of Scheme available from. Therefore, no New Change In This SENSE.

The railroads have notified new rules of reimbursement Conditions The rules of November 2015.Les They continue their course and there is no Change.

There is no Proposal for TENNESSES to discontinue Paper trains for Rajdhani Shatabdi exist, of Fact, The Process of All Class. However, For Passengers who reserve tickets per line (ie, electronic TICKETS) Entries received have their passage SMS authorization f Valid for Travel Accompanied by an eligible identification.

There is no such proposal to mandate Aadhaar for TICKETS train concessions.

There is no Proposal to run duplicate trains. “In any case, if they organize special trains The paragraph ELIMINATE the precipitation of During the High Season In the identified popular routes of conformity and With the Traffic the Operative Viability of the requirements” added railroads.

Railways Pusó in walked the “Vikalp” Alternative or Train Accommodation System (ATAS) 1st November, 2015 to offer a CONFIRM Accommodation Registered Passengers Waiting To guarantee an optimum and USE of the available housing.

This FUE was initially launched at the New Delhi-Jammu, Delhi-Lucknow, Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi circuits in Secunderabad. This Scheme was extended to all Sectors of March 22, July 1, 2017.ompter

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