Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Gridlock Hackathon to reduce Bengaluru’s traffic

Flipkart had recently received 400 tickets for the hackathon bottleneck to solve the problem of the congested streets of the city. On Saturday, the magnitude of electronic commerce has called the 11 most important teams, from different backgrounds – schools, colleges and technicians – to present their ideas to a panel of judges, including the Binny Bansal Chief Executive and Commissioner Abhishek Goyal Police.

Of these, only three were selected by the panel. The intelligent trolley affine solution Anonymous won the first place and by2rides a car sharing application that has placed the driver instead of the riders control, ranked second, while a team of two students XII, who proposed the idea of ​​registering locations Of potholes using smart phones, got the third position.

“It seems that artificial intelligence and automatic learning play an important role not only in electronic commerce in the world, but also to solve some common problems that affect our cities,” said Utkarsh B, chief architect of Flipkart.

“I was a technician, if I could think of different dimensions of technology – applications, data, hardware – I think everything was covered by the equipment presented here.”
Request the Google traffic data and Bing maps, the Affine_Anonymous team wants to create a network of intelligent traffic lights that react in real time to bumper traffic at intersections.

In addition, by allowing traffic to match the lights, this could coordinate traffic more than any transit agent that depends on the eyes and radio currents to make decisions.

Atmik Ajoy and Chetan V, pursuing their twelfth grade studies, initially feared to challenge experienced technical teams.

Using smartphones to detect the bumpy location, the duo managed to impress the judges with their idea of ​​using the data collected to rank the cities in a competition similar to that of the SWACHH Bharat government.

While the first three teams were the best and most viable ideas, Police Commissioner Goyal said that each of the 11 teams had ideas that could be implemented by the Bangalore authorities.

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