7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

7th Pay Commission: Government reminded of OT allowance

Government employees have issued a retirement overtime compensation under the seventh payment commission.

The reminder was sent on behalf of the defense and industrial employees. Meanwhile, the government also issued an order declaring the abolition of family planning allowance.

The decision to abolish the family planning allowance was made on the recommendation of Commission 7 for payment.

In a letter, he said that the BPMS, as soon as possible, is invited to attend the meeting of the Anomaly Commission 12.26.2016 under the chairmanship of AS J J Shri Rama Krishna Rao, where we express our concern for The delay in reviewing the legal duration of the benefit (subsidy free time under the 1948 ACT factories) in defense establishments.

In turn, the AS (J) has been fulfilled and instructed to resolve the problem of payment of the agreement according to the revised remuneration as a result of the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of payment.

It is therefore requested to take the necessary measures to make the issue of payment of overtime compensation in defense establishments on the review of the remuneration of the Commission’s recommendations of payment.

The abandonment of family allowance eliminates Subject: interruption of family support for the adoption of small family rules – the recommendation of the payments of the Central Commission of 7 ° The signer is invited to refer to the number 7/20/2008 E- IIIA this Ministry dated 24 9-2008 regarding the current rate of family planning benefits (FPA) eligible for central government employees and that, pursuant to paragraph 7 of Resolution No. 1-2 / 2016-IC Ministry, dated July 25, 2016, the issue of compensation (with the exception of the provision of good delivery) based on the recommendations of the Seventh Payment Commission refers to a committee chaired by the Secretary and Finance to a final decision at Respect, all rights should be paid at existing rates in the existing wage structure (the compensation structure based on the 6th Commission payment) as if the remuneration has not been revised. 2016.

Consequently, the FPA should also be lent to existing rates specified in the OM above date 24.9.2008.

Government decisions in various allocations based on the recommendations of the Commission of 7 and in the light of the recommendations of the Commission chaired by the Secretary of Finance has been notified in accordance with Resolution No. 11-1 / 2016-IC Date July 6, 2017.

As mentioned in SL. No. 60 Annex – He said resolution of July 8, 2017, accepted the recommendation of the Commission of 7

Of payment to abolish the family planning allowance and the decision takes effect on July 1, 2017. Consequently, FPA family planning allowance as admissible so far, will cease to exist in all cases.

These orders will take effect on July 1, 2017, and therefore, the family planning allowance will be discontinued on July 1, 2017.

In their application to employees of company accounts and accounts of India, these orders are issued consultation with the C & AG Office.

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